Table 1

Patient characteristics

DiseaseTotal numberMale/femaleLung TxTx centres
Cystic fibrosis7038/3270 D5M, 59N, 4H, 2G
Emphysema2511/1411D, 14S10M, 14N, 1H
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis2013/73D, 17S14M, 5N, 1H
Lymphangioleiomyomatosis30/31D, 2S1M, 2N
Bronchiectasis64/25D, 1S1M, 4N, 1H
Sarcoidosis51/42D, 3S1M, 4N
Eisenmenger's syndrome21/11D, 1S2N
Primary pulmonary hypertension31/23D3N
Total13469/6596D, 38S32M, 93N, 7H, 2G
  • The disease subtype, total number of transplants performed, male to female distribution, double (D) or single (S) transplants (Tx) and the number of transplants performed within the respective centre (M, Mater; N, Newcastle; H, Harefield and G, Great Ormond Street) are shown.