Table 2

Multivariate analysis of the risk factors for occurrence of ND in IMIP paediatric ward, from 1 April to 31 October 2009

VariablesOR (95% CI)p Value
Days of use of oxygen therapy (nasal catheter)1.61 (1.18 to 2.20)0.003
Days of use of antibiotics1.62 (1.34 to 1.94)0.000
Breast feeding0.40 (0.17 to 0.93)0.034
LOS in paediatric ward*0.65 (0.53 to 0.80)0.000
Pacifier user1.03 (0.43 to 2.47)0.936
  • * OR controlled by LOS until onset of ND, discharge or death.

  • IMIP, Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira; ND, nosocomial diarrhoea; LOS, length of stay.