Table 5

Comparison of risk factors for latent TB infection from those used in the study screening approach

TB risk factorDiagnosed with latent TB infectionNo latent TB infectionpa
n=17 (%)n=97 (%)
Born in a TB endemic country1588.28385.6NS
New entrant423.51313.4NS
TB contact529.42323.7NS
Travel to a TB endemic area1164.74546.4NS
Healthcare work317.688.2NS
Injecting drug use317.622.10.023
Period of homelessness15.944.1NS
≥2 risk factors17100.06971.10.011
≥3 risk factors1376.53435.10.002*
  • ap Values are for Fisher's exact test for each risk factor to compare those with and without LTBI.

  • * Significance at 1% level.

  • Significance at 5% level.

  • NS, not significant; TB, tuberculosis.