Table 2

Comparison of the external aortic root support (EARS) patients and the comparison group with respect to procedural data

Operation time (min)
 EARS (N=20)148136–163125–415
 Comparison (N=19*)240204–269150–414
Bypass time (min)
 EARS (N=20)00–00–20
 Comparison (N=20)134117–14652–316
Ischaemic time (min)
 EARS (N=20)00–00–0
 Comparison (N=20)11491–12741–250
Postoperative days in hospital
 EARS (N=20)65–74–16
 Comparison (N=20)76–84–17
Chest tube drainage up to 4 h after surgery (ml)
 EARS (N=20)5050–10025–400
 Comparison (N=18*)230155–37085–735
Chest tube drainage up to 12 h after surgery (ml)
 EARS (N=20)12075–20025–925
 Comparison (N=18*)385326–688200–1010
  • * Missing data for one or more patients.

  • Note that for the EARS group, cardiopulmonary bypass was used for 20 min in the first patient only and none had any interruption to coronary blood flow.