Table 6

Coefficients of terms in the final model (model 4) for predicting intention to attend and eye test

VariableCoefficientSE95% CIp Value
(Constant)−0.0670.248−0.556 to 0.4210.786
Attitude0.1760.0390.098 to 0.2530.000**
Subjective norm0.0670.0300.007 to 0.1260.028**
Perceived Behavioural Control0.4070.0460.316 to 0.4990.000**
Anticipated regret0.2980.0330.232 to 0.3630.000**
Consequences of glaucoma0.0450.0160.013 to 0.0780.006**
Illness concern0.0160.011−0.006 to 0.0370.153
Black ethnicity−0.2120.094−0.396 to −0.0270.025**
  • **p<0.05.