Table 2

Comparisons at the prevalence round of the COS outcomes between the groups of the DLCST study

Range of valuesn/nControl group, n=2052Screen group, n=1873p Value
Mean (SD)Mean (SD)
COS scales
 Anxiety0–181995/18231.61 (2.31)1.48 (2.20)0.0748
 Behaviour0–212018/18380.84 (2.08)0.72 (1.78)0.0456
 Dejection0–182024/18411.37 (2.17)1.21 (1.99)0.0254
 Sleep0–122019/18490.70 (1.72)0.63 (1.56)0.1957
Single items
 Busy to take mind of things0–32036/18540.23 (0.62)0.21 (0.58)0.3066
 Less interest in sex0–32035/18580.48 (1.17)0.45 (1.13)0.2873
 Self-rated health0–42042/18650.97 (0.77)0.95 (0.74)0.5977
  • p Value from a t test.

  • Controlling for multiple testing by setting the false discovery rate to maximum 5% with the method of Benjamini–Hochberg, the significance level was taken to be p<0.0071.

  • COS, Consequences Of Screening; DLCST, Danish Lung Cancer Screening Trial.