Table 3

Comparison of primary and secondary outcomes between the cut-off value showing extent of fibroproliferative changes on high-resoluiton CT at the onset of ARDS

VariableHigh-resolution CT scorep Value
<210 (n=47)≥210 (n=38)
60-day mortality (%)19.157.9<0.0001
No. of hospital death922
Causes of death
 Multiple organ failure818
 Respiratory failure14
No. of ventilator-free days at day 2814.3±7.65.1±8.0<0.0001
No. of organ failure-free days
 Cardiovascular failure22.4±8.116.1±10.90.009
 Coagulation abnormalities23.0±8.917.8±10.40.017
 Hepatic failure23.3±8.219.6±9.50.11
 Renal failure21.7±10.919.6±9.60.29
No. of incidence of barotraumas (%)3 (6.4)8 (21.1)0.056
No. of ventilator-associated pneumonia (%)16 (34.0)20 (52.6)0.13
  • Plus or minus values are mean ± SD. Continuous variables with non-normal distribution were compared with the use of Mann–Whitney U test and categorical variables with Fisher's exact test.

  • ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome.