Table 2

Extent of each high-resolution CT finding in 60-day survivors and non-survivors of ARDS

CT findingSurvivors (n=54)Non-survivors (n=31)p Value
Spared area37.0±19.230.3±14.90.15
Ground-glass attenuation33.5±22.930.0±16.00.70
Air-space consolidation17.5±13.818.3±19.30.72
Total area without traction bronchiolectasis or bronchiectasis88.0±22.078.2±22.50.01
Ground-glass attenuation plus traction bronchiolectasis or bronchiectasis9.3±17.816.6±21.70.08
Air-space consolidation plus traction bronchiolectasis or bronchiectasis2.4±7.85.6±10.30.01
Total area with traction bronchiolectasis or bronchiectasis11.8±18.022.1±24.30.01
  • Data are mean ± SD of percentage of lung involvement. Mann–Whitney U test.

  • ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome.