Table 4

Logistic regression results showing the predictive power of domain-specific impairment, N=30

Cognitive domainRegression coefficient95% CIp Value
MoCA (visuospatial)3.0131.954 to 4.073<0.001
MoCA (attention)2.2051.043 to 3.367<0.001
MoCA (language)1.9891.247 to 2.731<0.001
MoCA (abstraction)1.6370.895 to 2.379<0.001
MoCA (executive function)1.5860.888 to 2.283<0.001
MoCA (total)1.0650.671 to 1.458<0.001
IHDS (psychomotor speed)0.9370.500 to 1.373<0.001
IHDS (total)0.8020.467 to 1.138<0.001
IHDS (motor speed)0.7910.378 to 1.205<0.001
MoCA (recall)0.7910.384 to 1.200<0.001
  • IHDS, International HIV Dementia Scale; MoCA, Montreal Cognitive Assessment.