Table 1

Magnitude of difference in messenger RNA expression between mood disordered and healthy control (HC) samples from Padmos et al,32 showing selected transcripts in unmedicated subjects versus HCs, relative to that of medicated BD subjects

Gene symbolUnmedicated BD versus HCMedicated BD versus HCAffected offspring* versus HC
Fold changep ValueFold changep ValueFold changep Value
  • Sample sizes: unmedicated BD n=11, medicated BD n=31, affected offspring n=13, HCs n=25 for comparisons against BD adults, n=70 for comparisons of offspring.

  • * Affected with respect to having manifested either a depressive or a manic episode.

  • Difference significant between unmedicated versus medicated BD samples.

  • BD, bipolar disorder; CCL20, chemokine ligand 20IL-6, interleukin 6; PDE4B, phosphodiesterase type 4B.