Table 3

Reasons for not filing official complaints to the Patients' Advisory Committee; number of respondents=159.

First-level themesSecond-level themes
I did not have the strength (n=39)Weakness
I was afraid of the consequences (n=8)
I do not like to complain (n=3)
I did not want to relive the trauma (n=1)
I was not the closest relative (n=1)
It makes no difference anyway (n=17)Futility
I had other priorities (n=14)
It was too difficult (n=13)
I did not have time to do it (n=8)
The damage was already done (n=5)
I did not know where to turn (n=18)Lack of knowledge
Lack of knowledge I did not know/think I had that option (n=4)
I did not complain out of consideration for the accused person (n=3)Mercifulness
I did not complain due to collegial relations (n=2)
I complained directly at the hospital (n=4)Other action taken
No reason stated (n=19)