Table 6

Trainee take home messages. Answers in response to question: What sort of message would you like your trainee to take home from this consultation?

Patient-related issuesTake time to establish a rapport (2); listen to the patient's concerns (15);
Case-specific learningthis is how chest infections present in the elderly (3); common things that can cause sudden deterioration in elderly patients (13); you know these kinds of vague symptoms in an elderly patient probably you would want to rule out anything sinister or acute (4); I'd want them to sort of look up investigations for unexplained bone pain and what would be the key questions for red flags and what blood tests they might want (9);
The processlooking at the global perspective of the child (1); I said to him look I really don't find signs of anything serious or anything potentially serious just now (6); the take home message is the safety net (5);
Dealing with uncertaintyuncertainty…sometimes you don't know…talk them through the probability side of things I would discuss the things that lead me towards one way or another (7);