Table 1

Results of Situational Analysis Tool

General and congenital
Blood bank294823
  General physician performing surgery113Emergency guidelines251363
  Non-physicians performing surgery122Emergency room331552
  Paramedics and midwives4017Generator58240
  Physicians trained in surgery (specialist)64Haemoglobin and urine analysis9640
Medical records9820
 ProcedurePRunning water56358
  Appendectomy69Surgery guidelines58635
  Biopsy81Cotton wool77212
  Burn care90Adhesive tape9640
  Cataract repair35Apron, plastic, reusable81154
  Cleft lip repair25Bandages sterile9820
  Congenital hernia repair71Batteries for flashlight58338
  Cystotomy63Bucket, plastic9460
  Hernia repair69Capped bottle, alcohol solution79138
  Hydrocele88Disposable needles # 25, 21, 199820
  Incision and drainage98Drum for sterile dressings8388
  Laparotomy75Examination table90100
  Male circumcision98Eye protection401546
  Neonatal surgery35Face masks69256
  Suturing100Forceps, Kocher73198
  Tubal ligation/vasectomy71Forceps, artery81108
  Urethral stricture46Gloves (non-sterile)9280
Gloves (sterile)90100
Kidney dishes, stainless steel88130
Light source (lamp and flashlight)731710
Nail brush, scrubbing85105
Nasogastric tubes 10 to 16 FG711713
Needle holder90100
Needles, cutting and round9460
Scalpel handle with blade9442
Scissors blunt 14 cm83152
Scissors straight 12 cm77212
Sharps disposal container9820
Sheeting, plastic for exam table652313
Sterile gauze dressing9640
Suction pump (manual or electric)9640
Suture, synthetic absorbable90100
Syringes 10 ml10000
Syringes 2 ml10000
Towel cloth85132
Urinary catheter disposable #12, 14, 1858338
Wash basin9442
Waste disposal container9820
Anaesthesiology/airway management
Anaesthesia guidelines27469
 PersonnelAnaesthesia machine67033
  General practitioners performing anaesthesia16Blood pressure measuring equipment9820
  Non-physicians performing anaesthesia176Cricothyroidotomy set272152
  Physicians trained in anaesthesiology (specialist)11Endotracheal tubes, cuffed sizes 5.5 to 965827
Endotracheal tubes, uncuffed sizes 3.0 to 5.0541927
 ProcedurePIV cannula sizes 18, 22, 249280
  Airway foreign body83IV infusion set90100
  Cricothyroidotomy44IV Infusor bags731017
  General anaesthesia65Laryngoscope handle711515
  Ketamine IV67Laryngoscope Macintosh blades (adult)731513
  Regional anaesthesia42Laryngoscope Macintosh blades (paediatric)462133
  Resuscitation88Magills forceps (adult)562717
  Spinal anaesthesia77Magills forceps (paediatric)382340
Mask and tubing to connect to oxygen supply462727
Oropharyngeal airway (adult)423523
Oropharyngeal airway (paediatric)212356
Oxygen concentrator751313
Oxygen cylinder333135
Pain management guidelines251363
Post-operative recovery room291060
Pulse oximetry13483
Resuscitator bag valve and mask (adult)671519
Resuscitator bag valve and mask (paediatric)381746
Scalp vein infusion set9820
Spare bulbs and batteries for laryngoscope442729
Suction catheter sizes 16 Fr77158
Tongue depressor, wooden, disposable83134
Orthopaedics and traumatology
 ProcedurePChest tube insertion equipment542521
  Chest tube placement63Splints for arm, leg632117
  Clubfoot repair35Tourniquet9640
  Contracture release33
  Fracture management, closed88
  Fracture management, open61
  Joint dislocation reduction92
  Limb amputation65
  Osteomyelitis/septic arthritis63
Vaginal speculum901027
  Physicians trained in OBGYN (specialists)74
  Caesarean delivery67
  Dilation and curettage77
  Obstetric fistula repair21
  • C, % of facilities with consistent access; I, % of facilities with intermittent access; N, % of facilities with no access; P, % of facilities which offer the procedure.