Table 2

Mean preference ratings by weaning group (presented in order of liking for each group)*

Baby-led group (n=37; females=17)Mean (SD)Spoon-fed group (n=37; females=15)Mean (SD)
Carbohydrates1.82 (0.42)Sweet foods1.81 (0.59)
Savoury snacks1.83 (0.59)Savoury snacks2.08 (0.63)
Sweet foods1.89 (0.71)Carbohydrates2.12 (0.41)
Fruit1.97 (0.58)Fruit2.15 (0.46)
Protein2.03 (0.51)Protein2.38 (0.60)
Dairy2.25 (0.89)Dairy2.44 (0.97)
Meals2.33 (0.82)Meals2.62 (0.62)
Vegetables2.74 (0.66)Vegetables2.87 (0.62)
  • Case-controlled, chronological age-matched pairs were formed.

  • All cases and controls were matched for age. In 11 cases, matches could be made using age alone—for each case, there was one control participant of the same age.

  • Where there were several control participants who matched a case on age, we selected the control participant using age and socioeconomic status (n=20).

  • Where more than one participant matched on age and socioeconomic status, we then matched on gender (n=1).

  • In some cases, no information on socioeconomic status was available so matches were made using age and gender (n=5).

  • There was no effect of gender in this matched sample (χ2=0.22, p=0.82).

  • * Lower scores indicate greater liking.