Table 2

Summary of included quantitative studies

Study typeRCT recruiting toOverview (country, aim)
Donovan et al (2003)23RCTProtecT Trial, prostate cancer treatment
  • UK

  • To investigate the comparative effectiveness of nurses and surgeons in recruiting patients.

Monaghan et al (2007)24RCTADVANCE trial (diabetes)
  • Australia

  • Investigation of the effect of extra communication from central trial coordinators on recruitment.

Lienard et al (2006)25RCTAdjuvant treatment of breast cancer
  • France

  • To assess the impact of on-site initiation monitoring visits on patient recruitment.

Fletcher et al (2010)26Observational time seriesPrimary care-based multicentre RCT, stroke trial
  • UK

  • To examine whether changes to the design and conduct of a primary care-based RCT were associated with changes in patient recruitment.

Donovan et al (2002)27Observational time seriesProtecT trial—treatment for prostate cancer
  • UK

  • Feasibility study for main trial

  • Qualitative research used to address barriers to recruitment and make changes to protocol.

Donovan et al (2009)28Before and after studyProtecT trial—treatment for prostate cancer
  • UK

  • Main trial results

  • A complex intervention was designed using qualitative methods to improve recruitment (ie, regular training of recruiting staff, centre reviews if centre not recruiting to target, documents to provide advice and personal feedback).

Kenyon et al (2005)29Before and after studyORACLE trial—double-blind RCT antibiotic treatment for women in idiopathic preterm labour
  • UK

  • Trial was not recruiting successfully so changes were made (introduction of lead midwife responsible for recruitment with protected time for research).

Submacular Surgery Trials Research Group (2004)30Case study (with comparison group)SST—submacular surgery trial
  • USA

  • Comparison of university- and community-based practices taking part in three multicentre randomised trials. One outcome measure was patient accrual.

  • RCT, randomised controlled trials.