Table 3

Initial clinical diagnosis (pre-biopsy) and histological features present in the cohort group

CaseClinical Dx pre-biopsyE/HPF (biopsy site)DISBasal cell hyperplasiaCell vacuolisationSquiggle cellsPapillary elongation
1EO5 (P), 33 (D)+++Not increased+
2EO55 (P, M, D)*+++++++++Not increased+++
3GORD16 (un)++++++++Increased++
4GORD50 (un)++++++++Not increased+++
5GORD40 (D)No+NoNot increasedNo
6?GORD or non-ulcer dyspepsia22 (un)+++++++IncreasedNo
7?GORD46 (un)+++++++++Not increased+++
8?GORD30 (P, D)+++++++++Increased+++
9GORD0 (P) 24 (D)*+++++Not increased+
10?GORD40 (D)*+++++++++Increased+++
11?EO30 (P), 50 (D)++++++Not increased++
12?GORD35 (D)++++++Not increased++
13?GORD30 (P), 20 (M), 20 (D)++++++Mild increase++
14?CMPA4 (P)000Not increased0
35 (D)+++++++++Not increased+++
15Achalasia cardia, ?EO25 (P), 34 (D)++++++Not increased, increased+++
16Gastritis40 (un)+++++++++Not increased++
17?CMPA24 (un)*++++++Not increased++
18?EO26 (P), 43 (D)+++++++++Increased, not increased+++
19Failure to thrive21 (un)+++Not increased0
20Iron deficiency aneamia, ?coeliac disease25 (un)+00Not increased0
21?EO15 (un)+++++Increased+++
22?GORD16 (P),0+0Increased++
57 (D)+++++++++Increased+++
23?GORD45 (un)+++Not increased0
24?EO ?GORD46+++++++Increased+
  • * Microabscesses; +, mild; ++, moderate; +++, marked.

  • CMPA, cow milk protein allergy; D, distal; DIS, dilatation of intercellular space; Dx, diagnosis; E/HPF, eosinophils/high-power field (40×); EO, eosinophilic oesophagitis; GORD, gastrooesophageal reflux disease; M, middle; P, proximal; un, unknown; ?, suspected clinical diagnosis.