Table 2

Pre- and post-biopsy diagnosis and initial clinical management of the cohort

CaseClinical diagnosis (pre-biopsy)PPI trial (pre- or post-biopsy)pH studyClinical diaxnosis post-biopsy
1EOY (post)NormalEO
2EOY (post)NormalEO
3GORDY (pre)NormalEO
5GORDY (pre)NormalEO
6?GORD or non-ulcer dyspepsiaY (post)NDEO
7?GORDY (pre)Abnormal reflux index of 13%EO + GORD (OS)
8?GORDY (pre)Abnormal reflux index of 8.8%EO + GORD (OS)
9GORDY (pre)Abnormal reflux index of 19.6%EO + GORD (OS)
10?GORDY (pre)NormalEO + GORD
11?EOY (post)NDEO
12?GORDY (post)NormalEO
13?GORDY (pre)Abnormal reflux index of 12.2%EO + GORD (OS)
14?CMPAY (post)NormalEO
15Achalasia of the cardia? EOY (pre)NDEO
16GastritisY (pre)NDEO
17?CMPAY (post)Abnormal reflux index of 16.8%EO + GORD (OS)
18?EOY (post)Abnormal reflux index of 10.7%EO + GORD (OS)
20Iron deficiency aneamia, ?coeliac diseaseNDNDEO
21?EOY (pre)NDEO
22?GORDY (pre)173 reflux episodes/24 h (normal is <75)EO + GORD (OS)
23?GORDY (pre)NormalEO
24?EO, ?GORDY (pre)NDEO
  • CMPA, cow milk protein allergy; EO, eosinophilic oesophagitis; GORD, gastrooesophageal reflux disease; N, no; ND, not done; OS, overlap syndrome; PPI, proton pump inhibitor; Y, yes; ?, suspected clinical diagnosis.