Table 1

Demographic features, clinical history and endoscopic characteristics of the cohort children with oesophageal eosinophilia on histology

CaseAgeSexHistoryEndoscopyClinical Dx pre-biopsy result
123 mMAllergy, eczema, asthma, feeding problemsCorrugated, furrowing, trachealisationEO
244 mMDysphagia, intractable asthmaCorrugated, furrowingEO
335 mFReflux, food aversionFurrowing, ridgingGORD
451 mFFailure to thrive, feeding problems, developmental delay, epilepsyNormalGORD
59 yFPoor weight gain, epigastric painNormalGORD
619 mMNo weight gain, poor appetiteNormal?GORD or non-ulcer dyspepsia
739 mFFeeding problems, Russell–Silver syndrome, food aversionWhite speckles, ?Candida oesophagitis?GORD
815 yMEpigastric painSevere oesophagitis?GORD
96 mFVomiting and mucosy diarrhoea, asthmaNo information availableGORD
1015 yMDysphagia, GORDNormal?GORD
1123 mMAllergy, eczema, asthma, feeding problemsFurrowing, trachealisation?EO
1215 mF?GORDNormal?GORD
1313 yMHeartburn, difficulty swallowing solids/liquids, family history of peptic ulcerFurrowing?GORD
1416 mF?Cow milk protein intoleranceNormal?CMPA
1512 yMAsthma, eczema, food bolus obstructionFurrowingAchalasia of the cardia. ?EO
1611 yMFood bolus obstructionNormal, pre-pyloric ulcerGastritis
1712 mF?CMPA?Candida oesophagitis?CMPA
1814 yFAsthma, eczemaFurrowing?EO
196 mMFailure to thrive, diarrhoea. ?protein-loosing enteropathyNormalLikely CMPA
2042 mFAbdominal pain, ?coeliac disease, low IgA, poor weight gainNormalIron deficiency aneamia, ?coeliac disease
2114 yMDiarrhoeaFurrowing?EO
2210 yFHeartburn, reflux, vomitingTrachealisation?GORD
2316 mMVomitingOesophagitis?GORD
2411 mMVomiting, failure to thrive, medulloblastoma in remissionCorrugated and furrowed oesophagus, trachealisation?EO, ?GORD
  • CMPA, cow milk protein allergy; Dx, diagnosis; EO, eosinophilic oesophagitis; F, female; GORD, gastrooesophageal reflux disease; m, months; M, male; y, year?: suspected clinical diagnosis.