Table 2

The table displays the proportions (with a 95% CI) of the respondents who had high trust in healthcare in relation to whether they had filed a complaint to the Patients' Advisory Board, whether they had had reasons for filing a complaint and their general experience of healthcare

High trust
Never complained (n=843)87% (84.7 to 89.3)
Actually complained (n=23)60.9% (41 to 80.8)
Missing (n=6)
No reasons for complaining (n=703)90.9% (88.8 to 93)
Reasons for complaining but abstained (n=163)66.7% (59.5 to 73.9)
Missing (n=6)
Positive experiences of healthcare (n=551)97.6% (96.3 to 98.9)
Negative experiences of healthcare (n=312)66.3% (61.1 to 71.5)
Missing (n=9)
  • Those who had no experiences of healthcare (n=50) are excluded from the presentation. The internal dropout rate for responding to the combinations of these questions ranged between 76 and 79, on average 7.8%.