Table 1

Demographic and practice characteristics of practitioners providing acupuncture in the four UK-based organisations (2009) (n=330)

Questions askedPhysiotherapists (AACP)Independent (BAcC)Nurses (BAWMA)Doctors (BMAS)Total
n=95/200n=96/200n=50/200n=89/200n=330/800 (41%)
Median age=41 yearsMedian age=49.5 yearsMedian age=53.5 yearsMedian age=48 yearsMedian age=48 years
IQR1=31, IQR3=50IQR1=42, IQR3=57IQR1=49, IQR3=60IQR1=42, IQR3=56IQR1=39, IQR3=55
Age range=25–67 yearsAge range=24–74 yearsAge range=28–71 yearsAge range=26–67 yearsAge range=24–74 years
Are you a member of a statutorily regulated healthcare profession? Please tick ONE option (n= respondents)
 Medical doctor5356881 (25%)
 Physiotherapist8910696 (29%)
 Nurse1842354 (16%)
 Other0521219 (6%)
 None0791080 (24%)
How long have you been using acupuncture as part of your scope of treatment? Median number of years (first and third IQR)
6 (IQR1=4, IQR3=11)11 (IQR1=5, IQR3=19)8 (IQR1=5, IQR3=14)7 (IQR1=3, IQR3=12)8 (IQR1=4, IQR3=14)
In an average week, how many treatments do you give? Median (first and third IQR)
4 (IQR1=2, IQR3=10)15 (IQR1=9, IQR3=25)5 (IQR1=1, IQR3=12)4 (IQR1=2, IQR3=8)6 (IQR1=2, IQR3=16)
In which of these settings, do you practice as an acupuncturist? Please tick ALL that apply to you (n=respondents)
 NHS primary setting408757112 (34%)
 NHS secondary setting1327628 (8%)
 Independent or private clinic62923436224 (68%)
 Not for profit or charity71510941 (12%)
 Missing01304 (1%)
How would you describe the style of acupuncture that you practice? Please tick ALL that apply to you (n = respondents)
 Five Element5511461 (18%)
 Japanese09009 (3%)
 Traditional Chinese medicine368659136 (41%)
 Western medical acupuncture8684680220 (67%)
 Other06017 (2%)
 Missing10135 (2%)
Do you aim to elicit any of the following responses when you needle? Please tick ALL that apply to you (n = respondents)
 De qi87851450236 (72%)
 Twitch3718113399 (30%)
 Other2156932 (10%)
 None246921 (7%)
 Missing43211442 (13%)
Do you use any of the diagnostic techniques to support your diagnosis and/or treatment? Please tick ALL that apply to you (n=respondents)
 Pulse diagnosis59532105 (32%)
 Tongue diagnosis98843104 (32%)
 Palpation70801253209 (63%)
 None5081629 (9%)
 Missing171282066 (20%)
  • AACP, Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists; BAcC, British Acupuncture Council; BAWMA, British Academy of Western Medical Acupuncture; BMAS, British Medical Acupuncture Society; NHS, National Health Service.