Table 1

Patient characteristics and health status, and pressure ulcer status at registration (n=64)

Conventional treatment cohort (n=29)Wrap therapy cohort (n=35)p Value
Mean age (years)82±1081±120.60
Sex (female %)48540.28
Nutrition absorption status (each %)
 Oral nutrition52490.27
 Enteral alimentation: nasally09
 Enteral alimentation: gastrostoma3840
 Central venous nutrition103
Use of pressure-resistant diffusion mattress (percentage ‘Yes’)931000.20
Use of diapers (percentage ‘Yes’)90910.97
Depth of target pressure ulcer
 NPUAP stage II (%)28110.09
 NPUAP stage III (%)7289
Pressure ulcer pockets (% present)38340.28
Calories absorbed (each %)
 Over 1200 kcal45490.58
 800–1200 kcal4537
 600–800 kcal109
Serum albumin (mean±SD)2.8±0.52.9±0.50.61
Serum creatinine (mean±SD)0.66±0.30.64±0.30.77
Braden Scale at registration (mean±SD)12.8±3.512.7±2.80.89
Pressure Ulcer Scale for Healing score at registration (mean±SD)10.8±2.610.7±2.70.91
Pressure ulcer surface area at registration (mean±SD)14±2115±250.79
Use of ointments or sprays including pharmaceuticals with tissue regeneration accelerant actions21140.006
Percentage using hydrocolloids, hydrogels or polyurethane foam as a pressure ulcer dressing763<0.0001
  • We used Student t test for comparison of mean values of the two groups. χ2 Test was adopted for comparisons of frequency.