Table 4

Summary results for AM and PM PEF (screening period and days 1–28)

Daily PEF, l/min, mean (SD)PBO (N=20)FF/VI 400/25 μg (N=40)
 Screening (PBO, n=19; FF/VI 400/25 μg, n=39)310.4 (75.88)290.4 (107.59)
 Days 1–28 (PBO, n=20; FF/VI 400/25 μg, n=40)295.0 (77.89)318.3 (97.84)
 Screening (PBO, n=17; FF/VI 400/25 μg, n=37)318.8 (82.84)308.1 (101.11)
 Days 1–28 (PBO, n=20; FF/VI 400/25 μg, n=40)303.7 (79.17)337.0 (101.69)
  • Population sizes for each day and each time point relate to the number of patients with analysable data at the given time point.

  • FF, fluticasone furoate; PBO, placebo; PEF, peak expiratory flow; VI, vilanterol.