Table 5

Proportions of GPs expressing a need for further competence in using the sickness certification guidelines

To what extent do you need to further develop your competence in using the national guidelines?*
To a large extentTo a fairly large extentTo some extentNot at allPR for a large or fairly large extent
%%%%PR95% CI
All GPs9.634.146.310.0
Educational level
 In resident training12.339.840. to 1.44
 Registered physician12.933.345. to 1.44
 Medical degree8. to 1.34
Frequency of GPs' consultations involving sickness certification
 >5 Times a week9.533.047.010.51
 1–5 Times a week9.535. to 1.17
 <1 Time a week12.033.843.710.61.080.83 to 1.39
  • Data are presented as prevalence ratio (PR) with 95% CIs.

  • * No response from 75 GPs (2.4 %).

  • GPs, general practitioners.