Table 3

Proportions of GPs who considered that the national guidelines promoted development of their competence and improved their quality in managing sickness certification cases, respectively

To what extent have the national guidelines helped you to develop your competence in managing sickness certification cases?*What effects have the diagnosis-specific sickness certification guidelines had on ensuring the quality of your management of sickness certification cases?
To a large extentTo a fairly large extentTo some extentNot at allPR for a large or fairly large extentVery beneficialModerately beneficialNot beneficialPR for very beneficial
%%%%PR95% CI%%%PR95% CI
All GPs6.025.551.317.233.557.98.6
Educational level
 In resident training6.128.050.915.01.201.02 to 1.4038.356.15.61.341.16 to 1.55
 Registered physician11.731.742.813.81.521.18 to 1.9749.343.17.61.721.35 to 2.21
 Medical degree12.034.942.710.41.641.32 to 2.0558.339. to 2.49
Frequency of GPs' consultations involving sickness certification
 >5 Times a week3.722.954.818.6128.760.211.11
 1–5 Times a week7.227.149.316.41.291.13 to 1.4835.857. to 1.42
 <1 Time a week12.831.941.813.51.681.29 to 2.2050.743.85.61.761.37 to 2.27
  • Data are presented as prevalence ratio (PR) with 95% CI.

  • * No response from 89 GPs (2.8%).

  • No response from 77 GPs (2.4%).

  • GPs, general practitioners.