Table 2

Ranking of Medical Informatics and Bioinformatics courses (N=142)

Mean score*
Medical Informatics courses
Introduction to Biomedical Informatics4.41
Data Representation and Databases4.29
Mobile Health4.26
Security, Confidentiality and Privacy4.25
Project Management4.20
Clinical Informatics4.18
Public Health Informatics4.18
Health Information Systems Evaluation4.14
Design/Interaction in Biomedical Informatics4.10
Electronic Health Records4.10
Rural Telemedicine4.03
Information Retrieval in Databases4.01
Health Informatics Policy3.92
Imaging Pattern Recognition3.89
Communication and Leadership in Biomedical Informatics3.87
Knowledge Representation in Biomedical Informatics3.87
Electronic Learning Systems3.87
Health Information System Architectures3.76
Global Public Health3.75
Foundations in Biology, Biophysics and Informatics3.72
Interoperability and Standards3.69
Geographic Information Systems3.56
Software Engineering3.50
Bioinformatics courses
Sequence Analysis4.21
Gene and Sequence Annotation4.15
Molecular Modelling4.07
Phylogenomics and Molecular Evolution3.90
Computational Chemistry3.96
  • * Ranking from 1 to 5.