Table 3

Health-related quality of life: 12-Item Short Form questionnaire, with Factors and 13 broad diagnoses associated with mental component score and physical component score below the 25th percentile (OR from multivariable logistic regression models adjusted for age, gender, education level, insurance coverage and 13 categories of diseases (aOR) and 95% CI), for Etude épidémiologique de l'Impact de santé public sur 3 groupes de pathologies (EPI3)-LA-SER-2008 (weighted data)

Low physical component scoreLow mental component score
aOR*95% CIaOR*95% CI
Age (years)
 45–641.221.08 to 1.390.960.85 to 1.08
 65–741.471.25 to 1.730.650.55 to 0.78
 75 and over2.482.08 to 2.960.700.57 to 0.86
Gender: female versus male1.030.93 to 1.141.621.45 to 1.81
Education: secondary school degree versus lower diploma0.650.59 to 0.721.000.90 to 1.11
Government-funded insurance (vs regular health insurance)1.381.15 to 1.651.421.19 to 1.70
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system2.312.08 to 2.570.950.85 to 1.06
Cardiovascular diseases1.221.08 to 1.380.840.73 to 0.96
Anxiety, depression and sleep disorders0.990.88 to 1.113.583.22 to 3.98
Diseases of the respiratory system1.030.91 to 1.180.910.80 to 1.04
Obesity and dyslipidaemia0.790.67 to 0.940.930.78 to 1.11
Diabetes, thyroid gland and other endocrine disorders1.150.97 to 1.351.180.99 to 1.41
Diseases of the digestive system1.010.86 to to 1.38
Diseases of the genitourinary system0.950.76 to to 1.38
Diseases of the nervous system, head and neck1.241.02 to 1.511.070.88 to 1.31
Skin and subcutaneous tissue diseases0.680.51 to 0.900.920.71 to 1.19
Bacterial, viral and parasitic systemic diseases1.170.89 to 1.541.120.86 to 1.48
Injury and poisoning1.881.52 to 2.330.800.61 to 1.03
Other diseases (cancer and infrequent diseases)1.731.38 to 2.161.351.06 to 1.72
  • * aOR, adjusted odds ratio.