Table 1

Zero-order correlations (above the diagonal) and partial correlations controlling for day (below the diagonal) for 21-day moving averages of hand-washing behaviour and H1N1 media coverage (21 May 2009 to 4 January 2010)

WashMenWomenSex differenceBlogsNews
1. Day−0.47−0.14−0.60−0.66−0.68−0.57
2. Wash0.750.890.630.610.59
3. Men0.780.560.09ns0.350.40
4. Women0.870.600.870.740.68
5. Sex difference0.49−0.01ns0.790.580.51
6. Blogs0.450.350.560.230.92
7. News0.440.390.510.220.89
  • Day, day of study; Wash, proportion of hand washing averaged across men and women; Men, proportion of hand-washing men; Women, proportion of hand-washing women; Sex difference, women − men. ns, 209 except for correlations involving female washing, ns=154; by this, we mean that all correlations in this matrix are based on 209 days of data except for the rows and column labelled ‘Women’, which are based on 154 days of data. All correlations and partial correlations are significantly different from zero at the p<0.05 level (two tailed) except ns. Correlations based on both men and women's data are for days on which we have both sets of data.