Table 1

Comparison of prevalence and clinical outcomes between types of study sites

All sites (n=25)Type 1 sites* (n=14)Type 2 sites (n=11)
No of screened newborns21 27214 6426630
No of congenitally infected cases663531
Prevalence of congenital infection, % (95% CI)0.31 (0.24 to 0.40)0.24 (0.16 to 0.32)0.47 (0.30 to 0.63)
Abnormalities identified within 3 months after birth
 A: typical clinical manifestations at birth22.7% (n=15)8.6% (n=3)38.7% (n=12)
 B: abnormalities in brain images (CT/MRI)15.2% (n=10)11.4% (n=4)19.4% (n=6)
 A and/or B30.3% (n=20)17.1% (n=6)45.2% (n=14)
Treated with antiviral drugs9.1% (n=6)0.0%22.6% (n=6)
Detectable cytomegalovirus-IgM in blood of the cases50.8% (30/59)51.6% (16/31)50% (14/28)
  • * Primary obstetric clinics and municipal hospitals.

  • University-associated and governmental hospitals that care for general populations as well as patients referred from type 1 clinics.