Table 1

Demographic and biochemical characteristics of the population according to the assigned intervention

Control (n=14)Yoga (n=15)p Value
Anthropometric data
 Female, n1009
 Age, years69±768±40.631
 Body mass index, kg/m225±324±30.336
Cardiovascular data
 Heart rate, bpm65±764±100.265
 Systolic blood pressure, mm Hg130±11131±120.974
 Diastolic blood pressure, mm Hg78±785±120.103
Biochemical analysis
 Total cholesterol, mg/dl197±41202±270.887
 Low density lipoprotein, mg/dl108±38115±250.636
 High density lipoprotein, mg/dl57±855±90.619
 Triglycerides, mg/dl119±47119±390.411
 Blood glucose, mg/dl99±1890±100.149
 Creatinine, mg/dl1.0±0.20.9±0.30.531
 Thyroid stimulating hormone, mU/ml3.2±2.33.7±6.80.881
  • Data are means±SD.