Table 2

Patient characteristics and use of non-selective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Aldosterone 18β-glucuronidation inhibition constant (Ki), μMDiclofenac (n=31)Naproxen (n=16)Indomethacin (n=6)Ibuprofen (n=7)
Cardiovascular features
 Mean age, years (SD)546.5555.6575.9509.5
 Mean heart rate, beats per minute (SD)70.711.973.010.568.94.670.010.9
 Mean systolic BP, mm Hg (SD)12617.612520.311814.012313.4
 Mean diastolic BP, mm Hg (SD)839.98212.1757.4847.9
 Mean pulse pressure, mm Hg (SD)35.310.535.
 Mean arterial BP, mm Hg (SD)9912.29915.3929.810010.3
 Mean fasting cholesterol, mmol/l (SD)
 Mean fasting glucose, mmol/l (SD)
 Mean waist–hip ratio (SD)0.850.080.860.090.890.080.880.09
 Ever smoked for 12 months or more1755%960%467%343%
 Treated hypertension723%319%233%00%
Rheumatological features
 Mean age at onset of arthritis, years (SD)4311.2428.4397.13711.9
 Median duration of arthritis, years (IQR)93–15102–171911–22117–20
 Median Stanford HAQ (IQR)1.40.8––––1.9
 Median ESR-years (IQR)22199–52618677–435706140–82531581–829
 Rheumatoid factor positive (≥30 IU/ml)2684%1381%6100%7100%
 Rheumatoid arthritis criteria (ACR 4/7)1445%1169%467%571%
 Previous joint surgery929%425%120%229%
 Current DMARD therapy2890%1594%583%686%
Central arterial function
 Mean augmentation index, AIX% (SD)
 Mean reflected wave transit time, ms (SD)132.77.3134.512.6136.48.7150.918.0
  • Figures are numbers (%) unless otherwise indicated.

  • ACR, American College of Rheumatology; BP, blood pressure; DMARD, disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; IQR, inter-quartile range.