Table 1

Age groups of study participants, geographical regions of recruitment, study phase and sponsorship of trial records included in the study

Records from trials that reported collection of pharmacokinetic data (N=257)Records from trials that did not report collection of pharmacokinetic data (N=824)TotalPercentage of total reporting collection of pharmacokinetic data per age group, region, phase or sponsor
No of recordsPercentage of N=257No of recordsPercentage of N=824
 Newborn infants (0 to 27 days)81322262730726
 Infants and toddlers (28 days to 23 months)126493714549725
 Children between the ages of 2 and 11 years190746808387022
 Not indicated3119222
Geographical region*
 Latin America and the Caribbean25106178629
 Northern America199774695766830
 Not specified12535447
 1 and 231122335457
 2 and 31143244326
 3 and 4004040
 Not indicated481920925257
 Collaborative research groups2510801010524
 University or hospital121475026162319
 Not indicated00101
  • * Percentages for geographical regions and age groups do not add up to 100% because records regularly pertain to trials recruiting in multiple regions, or recruiting in multiple age groups.

  • Other sponsorship included foundations, contract research organisations, research centres and individuals.