Table 2

Comparison of general characteristics between the uninfected screened newborns and the identified congenital cases

Uninfected screened newbornsInfected casesp ValueInfected cases with abnormalities at birth
n=18 330*n=66n=20
Mean±SD of mothers' age (years old)31.2±4.829.7±5.9NS30.6±5.0
Mean±SD of gestation age39w1.9d±1w2.1d38w3.9d±2w6.1dNS38w3.7d±2w5.2d
Mean±SD of birth weight (g)3002.9±385.22756.4±463.7NS2589.5±515.0
Proportion of low birth weight (<2500 g), % (95% CI)7.3 (6.9 to 7.7)22.7 (14.1 to 34.3)<0.00140 (21.8 to 61.4)
Proportion of those small for gestational age, % (95% CI)5.3 (5.0 to 5.6)18.2 (10.6 to 29.3)<0.00130 (14.3 to 52.1)
Proportion of the cases with elder sibling(s), % (95% CI)48.8 (48.1 to 49.5)63.6 (51.6 to 74.2)<0.0260 (38.6 to 78.2)
  • * Uninfected newborns whose information was available from 17 study sites in all six areas.

  • Abnormalities include typical clinical manifestations and abnormalities found in brain imaging (see the text).

  • <−1.5SD in the distribution in the Japanese standard list of birth weight, which is based on sex, number of pregnancy and gestational age.

  • d, days; w, weeks.