Table 3

Differences in central arterial function associated with the use of non-selective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Unadjusted mean difference (95% CI)p ValueAdjusted mean difference (95% CI)p ValueSummary of model
RAdj R2p Value (ANOVA)
Augmentation index (AIX%)
 DiclofenacReference group
 Naproxen/nabumetone1.7(−2.8 to 6.1)0.461.7(−2.0 to 5.4)0.350.700.400.0003
 Indomethacin−1.6(−7.7 to 4.5)0.59−1.0(−7.8 to 5.8)0.770.650.280.02
 Ibuprofen−8.6(−15.9 to −1.2)0.02−6.5(−11.9 to −1.0)0.020.860.670.000001
Reflected wave transit (RWT), ms
 DiclofenacReference group
 Naproxen/nabumetone1.9(−3.9 to 7.7)0.521.3(−4.5 to 7.0)0.660.540.160.05
 Indomethacin3.8(−3.0 to 10.6)0.263.5(−4.8 to 11.7)0.400.560.140.13
 Ibuprofen18.2(9.8 to 26.6)0.000114.2(6.3 to 22.2)0.0010.820.590.00001
  • Adjusted using multiple linear regression (MLR) for age, sex, mean arterial blood pressure, ever smoked, Stanford HAQ score and cumulative erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)-years.