Table 4

Prevalence of MSD-related benefits/10 000 registered Brazilian private sector workers in 2008, by type of MSD (ICD-10), gender and category of benefit

MSD typeNon-work-relatedWork-relatedBoth
Back pain (dorsalgia)
Intervertebral disc disorders8.510.
Shoulder disorders6.
Knee disorders3.
Other joint disorders3.
Other enthesopathies2.
Knee arthrosis2.
Other soft tissue disorders3.
Other arthrosis1.
Cervical disc disorders1.
Hip arthrosis0.
Other bursopathies0.
Other back problems0.
Patellar disorders0.
Soft tissue disorders0.
All MSD74.959.91.363.137.328.21.330.4112.288.11.393.6
  • F, female; ICD-10, International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision; M, male; MSD, musculoskeletal disorders.