Table 1

Children’s quiz results before and after playing with the Blue Light Hub app

Quiz 1 (pre-test)Quiz 2 (post-test)
Knowledge of emergency services
‘If someone you know hurt their arm and they needed to go to hospital, what would you do?’ n (%) take in car vs call 999 70/360 (19.4) 126/374 (33.7)
‘If you saw someone and they had stopped breathing, would you know what to do?’ n (%) yes306/390 (78.5)319/392 (81.4)
‘If yes, what would you do?’ n (%) correct response275/306 (89.9)299/319 (93.7)
‘When you ring 999 for an ambulance, we ask lots of questions. Can you think of 1 question we ask you?’ n (%) correct response 360/393 (91.6) 381/393 (96.9)
‘You should only phone 999 for an ambulance in an ‘emergency’. What do you think an ‘emergency’ is?’ n (%) correct response351/393 (89.3)366/393 (93.1)
Awareness of healthcare services
‘If you are not feeling very well, your family and teachers can help you. Can you think of anyone else who can help you if you are not feeling very well?’ n (%) reporting NHS service 235/393 (59.8) 294/393 (74.8)
‘There are lots of people that do different jobs in the Ambulance Service. Can you name 2 of them?’ n (%) correct responses 229/393 (58.3) 270/393 (68.7)
‘Do you know how 111 can help you?’ n (%) yes 101/391 (25.8) 226/393 (57.5)
Confidence calling 999
‘Would you feel confident if you had to ring 999 for an ambulance?’ n (%) yes289/389 (74.3)298/386 (77.2)
  • Note. Bold represents significant differences in proportions from the pre-test to post-test quizzes.

  • NHS, National Health Service.