Table 1

Stages of social restrictions in relation to COVID-19 in Scotland

Date of policyNature of restrictions
March 2020Large events of 500 plus people were cancelled, all schools and nurseries were closed, and a national lockdown was imposed which meant everyone was to stay at home except to buy food, exercise once per day and if they could not work from home.
March to August 2020There was a process of relaxing of restrictions across different regions, depending on the rates of COVID infection, until all pupils were able to return to school on 11 August 2020.
August 2020 to January 2021Vaccinations were introduced and rolled out in Scotland. However, the country went into national lockdown again on 5 January 2021.
February to July 2021The second national lockdown was lifted on 22 February 2021 for childcare services and primary 1–3 children (aged between 5 and 7 years roughly), then all children could go back to school from 15 March 2021, although secondary schools (aged between 12 and 18 years roughly) went back part time.
July 2021Scotland was moved into level 0 of the strategic framework. All of the restrictions on social gatherings and leaving the house were lifted.