Table 2

Fischer’s exact test was individually run to determine the prevalence of loss of consciousness (LOC), post-traumatic amnesia (PTA) and retrograde amnesia (RGA) in non-sport-related concussion (NRC) (73) versus sport-related concussion (SRC) (388). There is a significant increase in the prevalence of LOC (p<0.01) and PTA (<0.01) in NRC as compared with SRC, and no significant difference in the prevalence of RGA, although trending (p<0.1).

Non-sport-related concussion (n=73)Sport-related concussion (n=388)Fisher’s exact p-valueOR
Loss of consciousness (LOC)16 (22%)10 (3%)<0.010.095
Post-traumatic amnesia (PTA)11 (15%)20 (5%)<0.010.307
Retrograde amnesia (RGA)7 (10%)15 (4%)0.060.374
LOC, PTA or RGA18 (25%)24 (6%)<0.010.202