Table 4

Predictors of depression: univariate and multivariable analyses

Variable*Univariate analysisMultivariable analysis
ORP valueAdjusted OR95% CIP value
Age0.9560.0010.9540.927 to 0.9810.001
Menopausal status1.0060.986Not included in the analysis
Residence2.0510.0792.3621.023 to 5.4530.044
Education1.1070.763Not included in the analysis
Occupation0.7060.271Not included in the analysis
Marital status1.3000.496Not included in the analysis
Presenting complaints1.1070.763Not included in the analysis.
  • Nagelkerke R square=0.106.

  • *Age is taken as a continuous variable. For other variables, the categories coded as risk (code=0) are as follows: menopausal status: postmenopausal; residence: rural; education: illiterate; occupation: unemployed; marital status: unmarried; presenting complaints: more than‚ÄČone.