Table 3

Predictors of anxiety: univariate and multivariable analyses

Variable*Univariate analysisMultivariable analysis
ORP valueAdjusted OR95% CIP value
Age1.050<0.0011.0531.024 to 1.083<0.001
Menopausal status1.8070.0812.4751.200 to 5.1030.014
Residence1.1890.663Not included in the analysis
Education1.5780.1430.7230.444 to 1.1770.192
Occupation0.7670.362Not included in the analysis
Marital status1.5620.221Not included in the analysis
Presenting complaints0.7640.432Not included in the analysis
  • Nagelkerke R square=0.138.

  • *Age is taken as a continuous variable. For other variables, the categories coded as risk (code=0) are as follows: menopausal status: postmenopausal; residence: rural; education: illiterate; occupation: unemployed; marital status: unmarried; presenting complaints: more than one.