Table 1

Outcome measures

Mindmore Remote testDescriptionMain outcomesValidity test
Symbol Digit Processing Test (SDPT)SDPT is a test of attention and mental processing speed. The participant views a digit-symbol code key on the top of the screen. In the middle of the screen, one symbol appears. The task is to press the correct number as quickly as possible using the mouse on a number pad at the bottom of the screen.Number of correct items coded over 90 seconds.Coding from WAIS-IV (Wechsler, 2008)
Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT)RAVLT is a test of verbal learning and episodic memory. The participant will hear 15 words presented over five trials, with a recall task after each trial. After the learning trial, a distraction list of 15 words is administered, and after this, the task is to recall the first list once again. After 30 minutes (after Stroop below), a free recall retention trial is performed, and after this, a recognition trial, where the participant is supposed to identify the words of the first list in a list of 15 hits and 15 distractors. All responses are given verbally.Total Learning—Number of words recalled during all five trials;
Short-term Recall—Number of words recalled after the distraction list;
Long-term recall—Number of words recalled after 30 minutes;
Recognition—Number of correct hits and true negatives during recognition.
Word List Recall I and II from WMS-III15
Corsi BlockCorsi Block is a test of short-term and working memory. On the screen, 10 white squares will appear. These will blink in yellow in specific sequences of increasing length, starting with two items. Two different sequences will be presented of each length. After each sequence has finished, the participant is supposed to click with the mouse on the squares in the same order (Corsi Forwards) or in reverse order (Corsi Backwards). If the participant fails to produce the correct sequence in both trials on the same level, the test will end. Corsi Forwards is performed first and then Corsi Backwards.Corsi Block Forwards—Number of correct trials in the forward condition; Corsi Block Backwards—Number of correct trials in the Backward condition.Block Span from WMS-III15
Trail Making Test (TMT) – ClickTMT is a test of attention, visuomotor speed and the executive function of switching. The test consists of three conditions. In condition 1 (Number Sequencing), the participant will see numbers 1–25 in small circles on the screen and is supposed to click on the numbers in the correct order. In condition 2 (Switching), both numbers 1–13 and letters A–M appear in the circles. The participant is supposed to click on the letters and numbers in order, but each number and letter interchangeably – 1-A-2-B-3, etc. In condition 3 (Motor Speed), the circles are connected by a dotted line, and the participant is instructed to click on the circle in the same order as the line connects them.Time to completion of each trial.Trail Making Test from D-KEFS14
StroopStroop is a test of the executive function inhibition, performed in two conditions. In condition 1 (Colour Naming and Reading), a colour word appears, printed in the same colour. The participant is instructed to click as quickly as possible on the correct colour word (blue, red, green or yellow), spelt out in black colour below the target word. In condition 2 (Inhibition), the colour words are written in a different colour. The participant is instructed to click, as quickly as possible, on the colour word written in black colour below the target word that matches the colour of the word, and not the word in itself.Time to completion of each trial.Color-Word Interference Test from D-KEFS14
FASIn FAS, a test of verbal production and executive functions, the participant is instructed to say as many words as possible during 1 min, starting with a specific letter. The test is performed in three trials using letters F, A and S, respectively.Number of words produced over all trials.Verbal Fluency from D-KEFS14
  • All tests will be performed using Swedish versions.

  • D-KEFS, Delis-Kaplan Executive Functions System; WAIS, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale; WMS, Wechsler Memory Scale.