Table 2

Data sources and how they will be used in the MEASURE study

Data setUse for MEASURE studyWork package
NHS England Hospital Episode Statistics dataMeasuring processes and outcomes including volume of surgeries, waiting times, length of stay, readmission, emergency and acute care performance; risk classification and adjustment using the information on demographics, comorbidities and history of healthcare use.2,4,6
National Joint RegistryAdditional risk classification and stratification for orthopaedic patients using information on body mass index, American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) ASA score. Health outcomes including revision surgeries.2, 4, 6
Civil registrations of deaths out of hospital (secondary cut)Measuring mortality as an outcome.2, 4, 6
Patient-reported outcome measuresPreoperative health and health outcomes for hip and knee replacement patients.2, 4, 6
National Cost CollectionMeasuring unit costs of elective care, and other care delivered by trusts.4, 6
NHS workforce statistics, and trust annual accounts consolidation data (TACs)NHS workforce statistics include monthly numbers of NHS Hospital staff working in trusts and other organisations. TACs include information on NHS Trusts income and expenditure items, received and incurred by type of inputs (labour, materials and capital). These data sets will be used to calculate, where possible, inputs used by surgical hubs.4, 5, 6
Office for National Statistics (ONS) National Life TablesPost-treatment life expectancy outcomes, to be used to quality adjust output produced by surgical hubs.4
Model Health System’ data setHospital site-level efficiency measures such as theatre usage time.2, 4, 6
  • NHS, National Health Service.