Table 1

Research objectives, work packages

Research objectivesWork package(s)
To characterise the implementation timing, scale, scope and staffing of HVLC hubs currently working/being set-up in England.1
To determine the impact of HVLC hubs on performance in terms of equity of access and uptake, and indicators including volume of activity, patients’ length of stay, waiting times and productivity across different patient populations.2, 3, 4, 6
To explore the impact of HVLC models on professionals working in the hubs (including training, workload, skill-mix, turnover, absence, satisfaction, well-being and attitudes to and scope of practice).3, 5
To explore the impact of HVLC hubs on the wider local NHS including spillovers in other areas of the NHS (eg, emergency care); workforce issues across the wider trust(s).2, 3, 4, 5
To assess the impact of HVLC hubs on patients and carers (including views on travel/transport, nature/suitability, accessibility of premises and satisfaction, patient-reported outcome measures where available). The impact of hubs on the patient pathway, continuity of pre-surgical and post-surgical care and outpatient appointments will also be considered.2, 3
To explore the implementation of HVLC hubs—how have changes been enacted and experienced and what are the barriers and facilitators to implementation.1, 3
To compare resource utilisation and costs of care across different service models and typologies of HVLC hubs, conduct a cost-impact analysis and establish value for money.1, 2, 6
  • HVLC, high-volume low-complexity ; NHS, National Health Service.