Table 1

fMRI sequences with corresponding parameters used to assess cervical tumour response during radical chemoradiotherapy

ImagingParametersBiological correlates
DCE-MRIExtravascular extracellular space volume fraction
Ve (%)
Blood volume, blood flow, interstitial volume and tissue permeability
Transfer constant
Ktrans (/min)
Rate Constant kep (/min)
Blood volume fraction vp (%)
DWI-MRIApparent diffusion coefficient
ADC (um2/s)
Tumour cellularity, architectural complexity and necrosis
BOLD-MRIBOLD-based reversible transverse relaxation rate
R2* (/s)
Intravascular deoxyhaemoglobin concentration
T1 and T2 weighted MRIRelaxation times (/s)Tissue physical characters affecting water relaxation and anatomical information
T2-weighted±DWI MRI
(Grey level co-occurrence matrix)
Second-order Haralick textural radiomic featuresIntratumoural heterogeneity
  • BOLD, blood oxygen-level dependent; DWI, diffusion-weighed imaging; fMRI, functional MRI.