Table 1

Asthma and Lung UK Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patient passport responses

Yes (%)No (%)Not sure (%)
Q1: My diagnosis of COPD was confirmed with a breathing test called spirometry.77.8 (n=58 216)10.6 (n=7933)11.6 (n=8233)
Q2: I understand my COPD. My doctor or nurse has explained where to find information and advice on COPD, and where I can get emotional support (if I need it).42.0 (n=31 420)37.2 (n=27 823)20.8 (n=14 973)
Q3: I get support to manage my care and have agreed a written plan with my doctor or nurse about how I will manage my COPD.23.6 (n=17 658)61.5 (n=45 972)14.9 (n=10 570)
Q4: I contact my General Practitioner (GP), nurse or pharmacist to get a free flu vaccination each year. I am up to date with my coronavirus vaccines, and I have had the one-off pneumonia vaccine.76.0 (n=56 220)19.5 (n=14 582)4.5 (n=3372)
Q5: If I smoke, I am offered support and treatment to stop every time I meet my doctor or nurse. (n=26 019 after the removal of non-smokers).67.0 (n=17 458)23.2 (n=6056)9.8 (n=2505)
Q6: I know the importance of keeping active and eating well.83.2 (n=62 264)6.3 (n=4412)10.5 (n=7493)
Q7: I have discussed the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation and if I can be referred.35.0 (n=25 495)54.8 (n=41 025)10.2 (n=7673)
Q8: I have received advice about ongoing exercise and nutrition.37.0 (n=27 273)56.0 (n=40 256)7.0 (n=6481)
Q9: I know what all my medicines and inhalers are for and when to take them. I ask my doctor, nurse or pharmacist if I’m not sure.79.5 (n=59 522)10.4 (n=7761)10.1 (n=6822)
Q10: I have been trained in how to use my inhalers. My doctor or nurse checks how I use my inhaler at least once a year, and when I get a new type of inhaler. I ask my pharmacist if I have questions.61.8 (n=46 218)29.0 (n=21 732)9.2 (n=6166)
Q11: I have a flare-up (exacerbation) plan, so I know what to do and who to contact if my symptoms get worse suddenly.47.0 (n=35 145)35.9 (n=26 164)17.1 (n=12 837)
Q12: I have discussed keeping a rescue pack of medicines for a flare-up at home with my doctor or nurse. If I have a rescue pack at home, I understand when to use it.45.1 (n=33 719)42.3 (n=30 876)12.6 (n=9468)
Q13: I see my doctor or nurse at least once a year to review my health, my care and my treatment, and have time to discuss all the steps mentioned previously.65.3 (n=48 344)23.2 (n=17 265)11.5 (n=8409)