Table 3

‘What is the one thing that would improve the care of your Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) ?’—thematic analysis

Theme 1. Increased access and greater support from healthcare servicesParticipant quote (gender, age band)
Subtheme: increased access, help and support from either specialist team such as COPD nurse, local General Practitioners (GPs) and specialist services such as pulmonary rehabilitation would improve their condition.‘To be able to access medical help nurse or doctor when needed’ (male, 60s)
‘Having regular follow ups after PR and then maybe another course’ (Female, 60s)
Subtheme: increased access to clinical and diagnostic testing, as well as greater provision for mental healthcare.‘Having at least yearly spirometry tests’ (Gender not stated, 50s).
Subtheme: participants wanted support more frequently and on a regular basis‘More regular checks. They are not really being offered annually, as first suggested’ (Female, 70s)
Subtheme: More empathetic understanding from healthcare workers and healthcare system‘How frightening it was for me to be diagnosed with COPD, and the stigma attached to the disease because of smoking. On the day of diagnosis, my GP simply said ‘…… but don't panic’ and just went on to prescribe my medication. The lack of empathy was devastating and has hindered my coming to terms with my diagnosis.’ (Female, 50s)
Theme 2: treatment effectiveness
Subtheme: pharmacotherapy treatments and options‘Effective inhalers which didn't create side effects’ (Female, 60s)
Subtheme: novel interventional and or surgical interventions‘Being given options other than rehab and inhalers, such as latest info on new lung surgery’ (Gender undisclosed, 60s)
Subtheme: investment and research into novel medications by government.‘More research of the new drugs that are available’ (Gender undisclosed, 50s)
More funding from the government into new drugs and treatments’ (Gender undisclosed, 70s)
Theme 3: interaction between respiratory health and social, cultural and environmental factors.
Subtheme: how increases in social security and support would drastically improve their quality of life‘Enough money to live’ (Gender undisclosed, 50s)
‘A Blue Badge so that I don't have to walk far from my car’ (Female, 80s)
Subtheme: outdoor air pollution and the need for legislationBan wood burners’ (Male, 60s)
‘No air pollution and second-hand smoke’ (Gender undisclosed, 70s)
Subtheme: indoor air pollution and the need for legislation‘Get rid of the damp in the house and the mould’ (Female, 60s)
Subtheme: better understanding and more public awareness of COPD and what living with COPD is like‘Better knowledge and understanding by health care professionals’ (Female, 60s)
‘Truthfully for people to be more understanding about the condition’ (Female, 40s)