Table 2

Correlations between global MTBQ score and global TBQ score, number of long-term conditions, number of primary care appointments and number of different GPs consulted in the preceding 12 months

Global MTBQ score (10 items)Global MTBQ score (13 items)Global TBQ score
NRsP valueNR SP valueNR SP value
No of long-term conditions243−0.0630.330243−0.0500.441242−0.0520.421
No of primary care appointments in the preceding 12 months2430.1650.0102430.1830.0042420.2030.002
No of different GPs consulted in the preceding 12 months*2200.225<0.0012200.235<0.0012190.1680.013
  • Rs is the abbreviation for Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient.

  • Note, the analyses presented in table 2 included participants who responded to the original or reversed version of the MTBQ at baseline.

  • *These analyses only included participants who had at least one GP appointment. Further, 19% of GP appointments were excluded from the analysis as a GP ID was not recorded (see methods).

  • GP, general practitioner; MTBQ, Multimorbidity Treatment Burden Questionnaire; TBQ, Treatment Burden Questionnaire.