Table 1

Descriptive statistics of the study population

Total study population8575100Household wealth quintile
Age (years) Poorest169419.8
 15–193434.0 Poor174520.4
 20–34561165.4 Middle178820.9
 35–49262130.6 Rich172520.1
Marital status Richest162318.9
 Monogamous marriage474755.4Distance to nearest primary health centre (km)
 Polygamous marriage—first wife179620.9 <2147617.2
 Polygamous marriage—second or higher order wife188522.0 2 to <5222826.0
 Not in union, widowed, divorced or separated1471.7 5 to <7216825.3
Ethnicity 7 to <10169019.7
 Dogon801993.5 10 or greater101311.8
 Peulh3684.3Season of delivery
 Others1882.2 Hot (March–May)199623.3
Education* June5987.0
 Any school (madrasah or French)6087.1 July4585.3
 No formal education795992.8 August5656.6
Occupation September5596.5
 Housewife743686.7 October–November123614.4
 Small business or trader113913.3 Cold (December–February)316336.9
Respondent’s independent mobilityYear of delivery
 Been to market alone†318337.1 2012151917.7
 Been to a health facility alone†292134.1 2013181521.2
 Been to a cinema alone†266131.0 2014183321.4
 Been to outside the village alone†292534.1 2015170220.0
 All four above†175220.4 2016166919.5
  • *Eight participants did not have education level reported.

  • †The totals for these characteristics are 4653, 4536, 3910, 4212 and 2789, respectively. The percentages are reported using the same denominator (8575) for consistency.