Table 2

An example of the analytical process regarding the perception of using AI as a decision tool evolved from identifying ‘meaning units’ and performing ‘initial coding’ to organising codes into ‘subcategories’ and, ultimately, formulating overarching ‘categories’ for a more comprehensive qualitative analysis

Meaning unitInitial codingSubcategoryCategory
‘I think that a human being can… can see, like, ‘Oh, is there something there, then maybe I have to look there, and then I have to look there, and then I have to look there.’ Some kind of reasoning ability.’Humans can see connections; it’s like detective workAI is merely a toolPerceived differences between AI and human assessment
‘If it is used as a complement, I think it is good.’AI should be used as a complementHuman in the loopRequirements when using AI in mammography
‘…anonymization is important, ensuring that the AI company or any other party does not have access to personal data or information about individuals. It’s crucial to protect privacy and prevent sensitive data from being linked to specific individuals.’Consider sharing deidentified mammography images with AI companiesWillingness to data sharing varies in routine care, research and industryAttitudes when implementing AI in mammography
  • AI, artificial intelligence.