Table 3

Risk factors, ORs, the original International Classification of Diseases Tenth revision (ICD10) and Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) codes, and the adjusted ones for the Swedish healthcare system for incident AF, adopted from ref 15

Risk factorOROriginal ICD10 (and ATC codes)Adjusted ICD10 (and ATC codes)
 Age 45–49 years0.08
 Age 50–54 years0.13
 Age 55–59 years0.19
 Age 60–64 years0.30
 Age 65–69 years0.46
 Age 70–74 years0.71
 Age 80–84 years1.45
 Age 85–89 years1.91
 Age≥90 years2.24
Male sex1.52
Hypertension, treated1.76I10, I11; I12; I13; 115 (C02; C03)I10, I11; I12; I13; 115 (C02; C03; C08CA; C09A-D)
Heart failure, treated1.54I50 (C09A; C07; C03DA)I50 (C09A; C07; C03DA; C09A-D; A10BK)
Valvular heart disease1.42I05.- I08.; I34.-I39.I05.- I08.;
Chronic kidney disease1.21N18N18
Stroke, not specified as haemorrhage or infarction2.43I64I63
Other pulmonary heart diseases1.60I27I27
Paroxysmal tachycardia2.20I47I47
Other cardiac arrhythmias2.11I49I49
Ulcer of lower limb (not elsewhere classified)1.65L97L97, I70.2
Personal history of medical treatment1.62Z92Z92