Table 4

Patient wait times to consultation, length of stay, those leaving without being seen and those returning within 72 hours with the same presenting complaint of those seen by Physician Associates vs Foundation Year one doctors in training (whole set, unadjusted and adjusted)

ClinicianNUnadjusted meanUnadjusted 95% CIP valueAdjusted meanN95% CIP value
Wait time to consultationPA4580132.1123.42 to 29.96<0.001116.15458027.82 to 204.470.84
FY12825105.41109.00282520.66 to 197.35
LOSPA4580266.3370.027 to 84.25<0.001258.254491251.59 to 264.90<0.001
FY12825189.19198.02711190.360 to 205.63
LWBSPA89 (1.98%)0.0220.001 to 0.013<0.0010.022890.013 to 0.0310.073
FY134 (1.2%)0.0130.002 to 0.0130.015340.006 to 0.025
Reattendance within 72 hoursPA261 (5.7%)0.060.001 to 0.022<0.0010.0852610.061 to 0.1090.167
FY1128 (4.6%)0.050.001 to 0.0220.0761280.051 to 0.102
  • Adjustments made for; patient age (<18, 18-44, 45-64 or 65+years), patient gender, individual clinician, time and day of week seen and area of department seen in UTC, Majors or Resus and individual clinician.

  • FY1, Foundation Year One Doctor- In -Training; LOS, Length of Stay; LWBS, Leaving without being seen; PA, Physician Associate.